How to create a forum avatar

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How to create a forum avatar

Post  Kire Faulkes on Tue Feb 23, 2010 2:10 am

  • Select your nicest hair makeup and clothes. Go to a nice place and choose a nice background. Browse menu world/environment setting to tune the light. Rezz some poseball or some object to sit on.
  • Take the picture.
    • Make a snapshot downloaded to disk. Or...
    • Press the "print screen" button. Go to your favourite drawing software and press ctrl+V. Save to disk.
  • Edit the picture. Recolor resize cut to fit the size. And get a picture 150*200.
      You may :
    • Cut the part of the picture in a rectangle proportionated as more or less 3*4 (rename and save)
    • resize/shrink the picture at the target size 150*200.
  • Recommended format is *.jpg . Choose *.png if you prefer a bitmat format. But many other formats will be ok.
  • List of softwares
    • Paint (windows default)
    • Paint.Net (free)
    • Gimp (free)
    • ...
  • Eventually (if you do the edit job for a friend) load your picture(s) on a picture host like . Or on a (your) private website.
  • Go onto the forum. Click on "Profile"> "Avatar". Upload from harddrive or from a site or link to a site according your previous choice.
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